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Operation of Corporate Governance
  1. The Corporate Staff Office, Accounting Department, Finance Department, Human Resource Department, Secretarial Department and Legal Department established the Corporate Governance Working Group in a joint effort to handle governance related affairs under the supervision of Mr. Humphrey Cheng, the President of the Corporate Management, who has been in a managerial position for at least three years in a public company handling legal, finance, stock, and meeting management. The working group deals with corporate integrity, corporate social responsibilities, legal compliance, meetings, and public disclosure, etc.

  2. The Duties and Execution Results of Corporate Governance:

    1. Corporate integrity and legal compliance

      1. Implement the anti-corruption policy and the orientation training for new recruits, provide various channels for filing and reporting complaints and receive any misconduct that violates integrity

      2. Quarterly report the execution results of legal compliance to the Board

      3. Assist directors in compliance with the regulations and in continuous training

    2. Corporate social responsibilities 

      1. Promote to conserve energy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce water consumption and waste management

      2. Launch sponsorship programs for charity

      3. Publish CSR report, awarded “Best Report of the Year” by Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) and disclose comprehensive executions and outcomes of implementing corporate social responsibilities

    3. Meetings and resolutions

      1. Organize each material meeting such as annual general meeting, board meeting, audit committee and remuneration committee etc.

      2. Provide relevant meeting materials not later than 7 days before the board meeting and record meeting minute

      3. Assist the information for directors to perform the duties

    4. Public information

      1. Release real time material information and financial results

      2. Maintain and update each contents disclosed on the official company website

      3. Communicate with stakeholders via investor conferences and press releases etc.

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