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Sustainability Committee

Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) established the “Sustainability Committee” on Nov. 12, 2020. Sustainability Committee actively fulfill the following responsibilities granted by the board of directors:

  1. Promote and strengthen the corporate governance and integrity;
  2. Implement and develop matters related to corporate sustainability;
  3. Supervise other matters related to corporate sustainability approved by the Board.

FENC has established the Sustainability Implementation Committee and 3 dedicated personnel in the Sustainability Team to jointly integrate internal resources to achieve four goals: Exercise corporate governance; Foster a sustainable environment; Preserve public welfare; and Enhance disclosure of corporate sustainability information. They regularly report the implementation of sustainability initiatives and projects to the Sustainability Committee.

Committee Operation

The second Committee members were elected by the Board of Directors on July 29, 2021. Three members have expertise in sustainability, including corporate governance operation, non-profit organization management, employee rights care, corporate risk management, corporate business strategy planning, etc., that meet the professional competence required by the committee fields.

In 2021, the Sustainability Committee Meeting was held on October 21st. Humphrey Cheng, the President of Corporate Management, represents the Convener of Sustainability Implementation Committee, reported to the three members of the sustainability progress and organization in the company, as well as execution of ESG projects and performance, including: actions in response to climate change and water scarcity risk, promotion of circular economy and low-carbon manufacturing process, safeguarding human rights of stakeholders, improvements of risk management and anti-corruption systems, implementation of corporate governance and tax governance plans, etc. All resolutions were approved by all members presented and the Convener of the Sustainability Committee, Independent Director Johnsee Lee, reported to all the Directors presented on Board Meeting on November 11th 2021.

Members Attendance in 2021 Attendance Rate (%) in 2021
(Convener) Independent Director, Johnsee Lee 1 100%
Independent Director, Raymond R. M. Tai  1 100%
Non-executive Director, Kuan-Tao Li 1 100%

Last Update:2021.11.11


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