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Operation of Corporate Governance
  1. The Board meeting of 10 May 2019 resolved to appoint a Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Li-Chi Chen, who has been conducting legal, compliance, internal audit, financial, stock affairs or Corporate Governance related affairs as the supervisor for at least three years in a public company, was assigned and granted authorities to deal with conducting Board meeting and Annual General Meeting(AGM) related affairs, preparing Board meeting and AGM minutes, assisting Directors on-board and training, providing materials for Directors’ practices, and assisting Directors with legal compliance.

  2. Corporate Governance related routines in 2021

    1. Conducted meetings (including meeting minutes) of Board of Directors(BOD) and Audit Committee: five & five times respectively, totaling ten times

    2. Conducted AGM and prepared AGM meeting minutes: one time

    3. Conducted Directors’ training: 13 participants, totaling 81 hours

    4. Assisted materials required for Directors’ practices, including materials provided for Board and Audit Committee meetings a week ahead

    5. Assisted Directors’ practices and BOD resolutions with legal compliance

  3. Training for Chief Corporate Governance Officer in 2021:

Date Organizing Institution Name of the Course Hours
From To
2021/09/08 2020/09/08 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance

Digital Transformation of Enterprises

2021/10/22 2021/10/22 Securities & Futures Institute Advanced Seminar for Directors, Supervisors, and Chief Corporate Governance Officer – the Practices of Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism 3
2021/11/10 2021/11/10 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance Corporate Governance 3
2021/12/14 2021/12/14 Taiwan Corporate Governance Association Case Studies of Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism 3


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