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Remuneration Committee

On August 19, 2011 we officially established the "Remuneration Committee" to assist the board in stipulating performance evaluation and reward policies, institutions, standards, and structures for directors, and managers. Related performance evaluations, salaries, bonuses, profit sharing plan, and reward payment methods for board members and supervisors are regularly evaluated by the "Remuneration Committee" and recommended for discussion at the board meeting.

The reward payments of Far Eastern New Century board members and the bonuses of employees are paid according to the achievements in operations that year and the Articles of Incorporation, and are provided in accordance board regulations. The remaining reward payments are given out according to overall operational achievements, the salary reward standards of listed companies, market survey reports issued by professional consulting firms, and consideration of the corporate’s overall financial status and risks in the business environment.

The Committee members elected at 2018.8.10

- Bing Shen (Independent director)
- Johnsee Lee (Independent director)
- J.W. Huang (Conform to independent)

The Company has established the Remuneration Committee on 19 August, 2011 and the number of the committee members is three. The tenure of current 4th term Remuneration Committee is from 10 August, 2018 to 28 June, 2021. In 2020, the Remuneration Committee held 2 times and the attendance status of members is disclosed as follows:



Times of Attendance

Times of Attendance by Proxy

Percentage of Attendance (%)



Bing Shen





Committee member

Johnsee Lee





J. W. Huang






Instances where discussion and results of resolution of the Remuneration Committee and the response to members’ opinion:

Meeting Date (Term)

Mater to be discussed


The response to members’ opinion

19 Mar., 2020

The 4th meeting of the 4th term

To discuss and approve the 2019 Directors’ remuneration and employees’ compensation of the Company

Approved by all attending members without objection.

The proposal is submitted to Board of Directors, and approved by all attending Directors.

10 Aug., 2020

The 5th meeting of the 4th term

To discuss and approve the Company’s annual performance evaluation and assessment form

To execute in accordance with the Remuneration Committee’s resolution



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