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Internal Auditing
  1. The organization of Internal Auditing Department is directly subordinated to the board meeting. For the further information, please check the organization chart
  2. The process of self-internal auditing:
    (This process is based on Self-internal auditing operation procedure)
  • Each department and subsidiary would execute self-internal-auditing procedure and propose reports periodically to the internal auditing department. After that, the internal auditing department would combine the auditing results by themselves and each department and subsidiary to accomplish an "Internal-control-system reports" to the board meeting and the general manager.
  • The "Internal-control-system reports" would be submitted at website appointed by Financial Supervisory Commission inspected by the end of April one year after the inspection and be published in Annual Report and Prospectuses.
  1. In accordance with the “Corporate Governance Principles of Far Eastern New Century Corporation”, appointment, dismissal, evaluation and review, salary and compensation of internal auditors of the Company shall be submitted by the chief auditor to the Board chairperson for approval.


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