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Board Performance Evaluation

The Company has formulated the “Board Performance Evaluation Rule”, which was resolved by BOD in accordance with the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies in 2016. Since 2016, every year the Board members and the divisions in charge of organizing meetings conducted a self-evaluation of the Board’s performance on five areas, namely, involvement in the Company’s operations, improvement in the Board’s decision making, the Board’s structure and organization, the selection and further training of the Board members as well as internal control.

The Company's " Board Performance Evaluation Rules " has been amended by the Board meeting in 2018 that the Company's board performance evaluation shall be conducted by an external independent professional institution or a panel of external experts and scholars at least once every three years.

The Company shall be conducted Self-Evaluation of Performance of the Functional Committees included Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee and Sustainability Committee. Since 2016 to 2020 the performance of the Board was evaluated as “Excellent” every year, which indicates the improvement in the Board’s effectiveness.

The Company has appointed EY Transaction Advisory Services Inc. in 2020 to conduct an external evaluation. The team members include Fu Wenfang, Zeng Yuzhe, Gao Xuhong and Hong Guosen. They have expertise in sustainable development, risk management and corporate governance related fields, and achieve performance evaluation standard in independence and professionalism. The evaluation method is included reviewing relevant information of Board of Directors and Functional Committees, communication, filling in questionnaires, interview and identifying issues.

The evaluation is going to be reported to the Board meeting and Remuneration Committee meeting in March 2021. When nominating Directors and remuneration paid to Directors, the Company can reference the evaluation results of the performance of individual Directors.


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