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Intellectual Property Management Plan

The Company have been formulated to maintain the results of innovation or R&D, strengthen long-term competitiveness and effective management Intellectual Property. FENC’s "Intellectual Property Management Plan” has been approved by the Board meeting on November 12, 2020. Include patents protection measures, trade secrets protection, trademarks management and copyrights protection and reported Intellectual Property Management implement result to the Board meeting, as following:

  1. Implementation and Outcome:
    As of the end of September 30, 2020, the company has a total of 1,162 patents and patent applications and 822 granted patents, and 499 trademarks.
  2. Award and Training Procedure:
    Organize educational training on an irregular basis and establish award procedure to encourage our employees to patent application.
  3. Innovation Direct to Market (IDM):
    Established Innovation Direct to Market in 2019. The core values of IDM are Speed、Smart、Scale、Sustainability、Innovation established 7 major technological platforms and provides services to 16 FENC plants in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Japan.
  4. Active Value of Patents:
    Focusing on the patent transaction market and related activities, assessment transformation and matching opportunity and research new product to raise operating revenue.

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